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WEBINAR RECAP: The Epilepsy Life: Taking Control

Are you a patient or caregiver of someone experiencing seizures? Whitney Petit, a patient leader of the Epilepsy community, is offering tips & insights on taking back control of your life. Learn how to identify possible triggers & what kinds of self-care can prevent future seizures. Whitney will offer her personal tips and the right questions you should be asking your doctor.



  • Are you considering the possible triggers around you? Whitney found she was affected by apples and grapes, common seizure triggers found in cats and dogs!
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Whitney suggests tracking your sleep activity with a FitBit to help you identify any connections between sleep patterns and seizures.
  • Do you like your doctor? Whitney reminds us you must find the right fit. Just because everyone you know loves your doctor doesn’t mean you need to love them! Be your own advocate and take control to find a doctor you feel confident with.


Whitney is a long time Patient Leader and Blogger in the Epilepsy community. She uses her journey with epilepsy to help and motivate others to practice self-care, better navigate the world of healthcare and live a fulfilled life with any chronic illness. There is life beyond the diagnosis.

Be sure to check out her website, CF-Epilepsy.com & Social Networks: Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook.


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