#WEGOHealthChat Recap: Using Different Media to Get Your Message Out

During our WEGO Health Awards week, the finalists of Best in Show: Twitter, Best in Show: Instagram and Best in Show: YouTube hosted a twitter chat discussion surrounding different medium contents.

Images, videos, written content – there are numerous ways to get your story out there. We turned to the 2016 finalists to learn what the best medium is and what are tips to make it more effective.

So what is the best type of media to use; pictures, words or images? 

Our patient leaders believe it depends on the platform your using and the angle of your advocacy efforts. They suggest finding balance between pictures, words, and images, but also utilizing your analytical tools to find what your community wants to see.

Our finalists also shared various tools such as Canva, Prisma and OBS Studio to create compelling content, which only increases the number of shares and likes!

But how does your content measure up against platform algorithms? Our patient leaders offer 4 tips to make sure your content is showing up on viewers’ feeds! Learn these and more by downloading the recap!


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