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Feature Friday: Jenni Grover, Chronic Conditions Health Activist

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, a problem with insurance or just one of those days when all you want to do is sleep.

But having a chronic illness does not mean you can’t have a fabulous life.

In fact, Jenni Grover is on a mission to help all women struggling with chronic illness live their best life yet “…to nurture some of those deep relationships that you want to have, to have more success in your career, to find love, to get the kind of support you need and deserve, to have more fun… I mean isn’t that what life is about?”

You know those people you just know are here to offer good vibes and help others succeed? Jenni is certainly one of them.

Jenni was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when she was 20, and like many she thought her life was over. However, “After a few years, I started to figure out I could still lead a pretty amazing life despite illness… so I started ChronicBabe.com as a way to share my experiences and perspectives, and to build community.”

One word to sum up Chronicbabe.com? Awesome.

Within seconds of visiting the page, you feel uplifted, energized and ready to rock life. Jeeze even those withochronicbabe-logo-new-stackedut a chronic illness would find their spirits lifted by ChronicBabe’s sassy, authentic, hilarious and completely inspiring attitude.

“When I started my work, no one was writing about this – now, there are lots of places, but I still think ChronicBabe is unique in its voice and its position toward life with illness.”

ChronicBabe.com is a blog with a ton of social media presences. “I love my YouTube channel,” Jenni shares, “It’s so fun to interact with people that way. Plus, people get to see the real me and recognize that I’m not some person on a pedestal – I also have bad hair days and low-energy days but I still do my work, and I hope that inspires them.”

Any female who can still be as uplifting and awesome as Jenni on a bad hair day deserves some serious kudos.

jennicorporate-croppedI checked out the ChronicBabe YouTube Channel and as Jenni says “Video is where it’s at!” She posts weekly videos on AWAP Wednesday which stands for ‘as well as possible’, offering tips and techniques to help Chronic Babes live a daring, fun, and fulfilling life despite their illness.

ChronicBabe.com also offers a forum where fellow chronic babes can meet and discuss challenges and find support. There is even a ChronicBabe Secret Club that offers a ton of support and education each month on a theme to help ChronicBabes everywhere rock life!

But she doesn’t stop there; Jenni is working to rid the epidemic of chronic pain in our society. She is on a mission to inform the public, advocate for legislators that have similar goals, and build a bigger community. She speaks at events across the country and attends various foundations including her favorite, the U.S. Pain Foundation annual galas. “We honor tons of awesome folks with chronic illness who do such great work in their communities – it’s so fun because I get to meet some of my heroes!”

That’s really the highlight of her advocacy journey “…getting to meet women I’ve known online for a decade but didn’t know in person and hear how their life has improved because of ChronicBabe. Makes my hard work and challenges worth it!”

So now the most important question is, are you a chronic babe?

According to Jenjenniflowersni:

“Yes. Oh, wait—too fast? You have some doubts? Let’s see: Are you a chick? Check. Do you have a chronic illness? (You know, something that’s stickin’ with you, like fibromyalgia or depression or HIV?) Check, check. Are you ready to kick ass in spite of it? Are you grinning as you read that? Triple check. Yes! I proclaim you a ChronicBabe.”

Now the only question is: what are you waiting for?! Go check out ChronicBabe.com and be sure to check out their YouTube channel for AWAP Wednesdays!

And I am very excited to announce that Jenni will be releasing a new book, ChronicBabe 101, this fall so make sure to follow her Facebook and Twitter for release dates!

Kristen LongKristen Long, WEGO Health Activist Awards Coordinator is the Health Activist Awards Coordinator at WEGO Health. Her own health experiences have inspired her to empower other patients and encourage the power of patient advocacy. Follow Kristen on Twitter and Facebook.




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