So, What Exactly Is Truvio?

Truvio…such an interesting name for a survey platform.  What exactly is it?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  I’ll tell you what it is and how we use the responses we receive.


So, what is Truvio?

The name, Truvio, means “the true voice of the patient” which is exactly what we are getting from you.  We know that, as a patient leader, you can provide us with insights on behalf of your online patient community.  We then take these insights, analyze them, and share them with our sponsors so that they can make decisions that will benefit the patient community as a whole.


How does Truvio work?

It’s really very easy.

  • WEGO Health Truvio Methodology When a sponsor needs insights from the patient community on any given topic, we reach out by way of text message to patient leaders who focus on the condition area(s) that the sponsor is interested in.
  • That text message contains a link to the beginning of the Truvio study.
  • The patient leader can then click on the link to gain access to the Terms of Service page.
  • If you agree to the Terms of Service page, you then move on to the study itself.
  • Read the background, look at the stimuli (if included), and then review the questions.
  • Once you have reviewed the questions and indicated that you want to proceed, you will click on a button which will give you the phone number to call in order to provide your responses.
  • Responses may be relayed via keypad or voice recording, and we will let you know which type of response we are seeking for each question.
  • Finally, you provide your name and email address, and then you’re done!
  • If there is an incentive involved, it will be sent to the email address you provide within 2 business days of when we close the study.


What makes someone a good potential Truvio participant?

We look for patient leaders who are speaking on their social media channels about the condition area for which we are gathering the insights.  The more activity we see from you on that condition area, the more likely it is that we will invite you to participate.


What are a few tips for providing good responses that are useful for the sponsor?

  • Elaborate, elaborate, elaborate! Take the time to think about what it is that we are asking you and then provide detailed answers.  Does this mean that a five minute answer is what we’re looking for?  No, not necessarily.  We just want answers that will actually help the sponsor in their decision-making.
  • No AEs, please! We ask that you keep in mind that any time you share with us an AE (Adverse Event), we have to report it to the proper authorities.  And, the chances are pretty good that we will actually need to get back in touch with you for additional information.  So, it’s best that you not share with us that “I (or I know someone who) took Product A and it did this bad or unexpected thing.”  Do not mention a product and a side effect, whether bad or unexpectedly good, in the same sentence or even the same study.  I really can’t stress this enough.
  • Speak clearly when providing all of your voice responses and make sure that the background noise is kept to a minimum. Doing a Truvio while you’re in a car is not optimal because we can hear the other cars in the background and cell reception can go in and out.
  • Make sure that your answers match up. If we ask you to rank various resources using your keypad for one question and then in the follow-up question ask you to provide your rationale for your top two choices, make sure that they are the same two that you indicated as the top two in the ranking question.  Just saying.
  • And, last but definitely not least, please make sure that you respond in a way that is stated on behalf of your community. We do ask for your personal opinion on a few questions, but typically we are seeking responses on behalf of your community.  We are coming to you as the leader of a patient community and we want to be able to provide findings to the sponsor that echo the opinions of the patient community as a whole. Don’t worry- we will only send you surveys that concern your community.

Author Jamie Davis can assure you,

“The surveys sent out from the Truvio team are always relevant to my community and serve an important purpose to connect disparate segments of the healthcare field with each other more effectively.”


How can I get involved in Truvio studies?

WEGO Health TruvioMake sure you are opted-in to Truvio.  Not sure if you are opted-in or not?  Better to know for sure.  Click on this link and fill out the opt-in form.  The more information you provide that we can use, the better.

So there you have it!  That’s Truvio in a not-so-small nutshell.

As I said before, we have an awesome network of patient leaders.  As Sickle Cells Disorder and Type 1 Diabetes Advocate Elle Cole says,

“Truvio is great because it is survey tool that helps me, a health activist, share my thoughts about patient advocacy, healthy living, and the healthcare industry. I feel that through the surveys I’m able to raise awareness and give my audience a greater voice. The best characteristic about Truvio is that it helps to bridge the gap between communities and healthcare professionals. As a result of taking the surveys, I hope that patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals can build better more effective partnerships. ”


At WEGO Health, we truly want to do all we can to help you to bring the “true voice of the patient” to those who can effect change for the benefit of all.



Sue Daum is the WEGO Health Insights Manager. Seen as the WEGO Health Truvio Guru, Sue truly embraces raising the voice of the patient. Follow Sue on Twitter and Facebook!










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