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WEGO Health has been extremely busy this summer and we’re sure you have been as well!  This blog post is to fill you in on what you may have missed on our sites last week. To put a little spin on to things we have asked members of our own WEGO Health team to pick out their favorite posts and tell us why they liked it so much.  Did you have a favorite post last week? Let us know what it was in the comments section.


Todd, Chief Strategy Officer

Favorite post:


“It’s hard to imagine having symptoms – often really unpleasant ones  – and not having others believe that you’re ill. Yet that’s the burden of patients with invisible chronic illnesses.  Patients with Lyme Disease, Lupus, RA, and many other conditions endure extreme discomfort that family, friends, loved ones often don’t appreciate and many times don’t believe to be real. That’s understandable I suppose, but truly unfortunate nonetheless.  To that end, I highly encourage everyone who knows anyone with an invisible chronic illness:  know that the symptoms are real but you just can’t see them, so please be as empathetic as possible.  Don’t turn a blind eye to those with invisible chronic illnesses. ”

Laurel,  Business Development Associate

Favorite post :


“Bravo to the parents that took advantage of this opportunity and to the creators of such an innovative solution to hearing loss.  My son has mild hearing loss due to a deformity in his ear bone structure.  He struggles with his speech and confidence in general due to his genetic makeup.  I cannot imagine what it was like for Caiden prior to his surgery.  His journey will surely bring many parents and children hope to have the ability to hear.”   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Sue, Insights Manager

Favorite post:


“Check out this very timely article about Back to School anxieties facing many kids.  I have several friends whose children have just started back to school.  I think it’s very interesting how some children experience anxiety at the return to school, while others go back with sheer excitement.  It’s so important for parents to be observant and to do what they can to ease any anxieties that their children are displaying.  Whether you’re a parent of a child just starting Kindergarten or a parent of a teenager heading to a new high school, this is a very good article and well worth the read.”

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