Month: July 2015

Multiple Myeloma – #HAChat 7/28 with host Matt Goldman

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Staying Positive While Living With Lupus

  Staying Positive While Living With Lupus   People often ask me how I stay positive when I have so many health issues to worry about. The truth is, I don’t worry about my health issues. I don’t have a lot of control over most of these issues, so I leave the worrying to my…

5 Offbeat Steps to Boost Mental Health

5 Offbeat Steps to Boost Mental Health By Nellie Russell   In the spring of 2008, after having suffered a major psychotic episode, I reached a tipping point on my road to recovery. I had struggled with my mental health, including bipolar, borderline, and obsessive compulsive disorders, since the late 90’s. However, that summer was…

Epilepsy and Depression – #hachat 7/16 with host Tiffany Kairos

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Breaking the Stigma Associated with Mental Health

More than one out of every 100 deaths is by suicide. That is more people than die in car accidents [source]. And more than 80 percent of Americans diagnosed with clinical depression are not getting any treatment for it [source]. Studies have shown that one of the key barriers to people seeking treatment is the…

Travelling with Chronic Illness #HAChat with Health Activist Maya

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