Month: June 2015

Top 10 Reasons I Know I am in a Hospital and Not a Hotel

The below post is from Gastroparesis Health Activist, Melissa's, blog.    Top 10 Reasons I Know I am in a Hospital and Not a Hotel Well, I am angry, and when I am angry I should never write.  I know this, but I cannot help myself.  I just read an article about who best understands patient…

Studying the Impact of Awareness Campaigns #HAchat

This week Health Activist AnneMarie hosted our #hachat. We discussed the importance of awareness campaigns, what makes them successful and what we can do to make them as influential as possible.      [View the story "The Success of Awareness Campaigns #HAchat" on Storify]

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

We asked our Health Activist users over at WEGO Health Heroes why they began blogging and below, you can see some of their answers. If you'd like to contribute to similar discussions with Health Activists and have your voice be heard, sign up for WEGO Health Heroes today.   "I wanted my voice to be heard. Also, because…

Balancing Every Day Life – Health Activist Twitter Chat

    [View the story "Balancing Every Day Life - Health Activist Twitter Chat" on Storify]

WEGO Health Team Member Spotlight

This month we're learning about WEGO Health team member,  Laurel!  Title: Business Development Manager Explain what you do at WEGO Health! I am responsible for uncovering opportunities with potential sponsors. I come in early to identify the sponsors needs. I then help design the best program that aligns with those needs and also connects with the strengths…
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