Cushing's Disease Blog Challenge Highlight

Cushing’s Disease bloggers were prompted to write for the 30 days of April during the Cushing’s Disease awareness challenge! Check out these blog posts from three Cushing’s Disease Health Activists to learn more about their experiences.   cushingsimage   Mary, from Cushie Blog, wrote about the arduous and confusing diagnosis process that so many Cushing’s patients can relate to. Mary’s long journey to finally receiving her Cushing’s diagnosis is inspiring and informational. Check out her blog post.

I am so glad that the Internet is here now helping us all know that we’re not alone anymore.

Rae Collins of 2 Cushie Girls offers great tips for your diagnosis journey. Using her personal experience, Rae’s advice helps the Cushing’s community and those wondering if they may have the disease. From what to do at doctor’s visits to seeking support, Rae covers many topics.

As some of you know getting Diagnosed with Cushing’s isn’t always the easiest thing. A lot of people struggle with that because Doctors dismiss the symptoms of try and treat them individually. 

Kristin, blogger at Less of Me, writes an emotional post about the frustration that all too often comes along with Cushing’s Disease. Do you ever experience judgment or lack of patience from your supporters and caregivers? Read Kristin’s blog post for support on how to cope with those who don’t totally understand your condition.

You may feel like you’re crazy, you might be called a hypochondriac, but keep testing. Keep pressing your doctors. Find new doctors. Be your own advocate. Noone knows your body better than you do, speak up for yourself.

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