Month: April 2015

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards Partner – Stigmama

We’re highlighting the work of one of our Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards partners, STIGMAMA. Stigmama was founded by Dr. Walker Karraa as a way to help fight the stigma mothers face when coping with mental illness. “I have always believed in the power of women, especially those who have been touched by mental illness or mental…

Clinical Trial Health Activist Twitter Chat

This week we discussed clinical trials with CureClick. [View the story "Clinical Trial Health Activist Twitter Chat" on Storify]

Life Forever Altered

I wasn’t always the kind of person who shares personal information – but things have recently changed for me.  In February 2014, I spent a week in the hospital and was diagnosed with gastroparesis.  I am guessing most people have never heard of this; I know I had not, prior to being diagnosed. My life…
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