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12 Things You Should Never Say to a Thyroid Patient 

Great share by Dana, also known as HypothyroidMom. She’s highlighted a fellow thyroid advocate, Sarah Downing on her blog. Sarah volunteers as Blog Editor for the nonprofit organization ThyroidChange

What are comments or questions you wish people never asked you about your chronic illness?

How to Explain Endometriosis — Made Easy 

Explaining Endometriosis may not be easy. To explain it to everyone from your friend to your employer, check out this bloggers’ suggestions on what to say and how.

6 Ways Smoking Affects Your Sleep

Smoking cigarettes has been linked specifically to the development of several serious cancers, heart disease, routine infections, anxiety and depression. While the toxic chemicals and heavy metals consumed during smoking are to blame for these destructive health risks, nicotine — the substance that makes smoking so addictive — is often disruptive to another aspect of health entirely: sleep.

App connects users to virtual nutritionist for health advice

Getting nutrition advice is now as easy as pulling your smartphone out of your pocket! Rise, a nutrition app, allows you to snap pictures of your meals and send them to a Registered Dietician for feedback. How cool! 

Would you use this app? 

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