Weekly Health Activist Roundup

HA Awards

The Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards Finalists 

We’ve announced the finalists for this year’s Health Activist Awards! Check them out and make sure to tune in to our ceremony on G+, Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be announcing the winners, all day on March 18th.

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Did you know that March is Endometriosis Awareness Month? Check out this post by Casey Berna to discover easy ways you can participate in raising awareness for this condition. From Facebook groups to events around the globe, see how you can advocate for Endometriosis. What events will you be attending?

What 2014’s Film Got Right and Wrong about Health

With many health-based movies coming out and gaining popularity, we must wonder how accurately they portray patients’ lives with these conditions. Take a look at what experts think these popular films did correctly and what they made look too obviously Hollywood.

A Study Finds a New Approach to Stroke Care

Uplifting news for ‪#‎stroke‬ patients! New use of stents, that are thought to mostly be used in the heart, may help survival rates. Check out what doctors in Canada have discovered

Love How Far You’ve Come

Loving how far you’ve come isn’t easy, but it sure is amazing once you do. We love Health Activist +Julie Cerrone‘s piece about self acceptance and self-love.


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