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5 ways to dive into National Nutrition Month

Wow February flew by, we can’t believe it’s March already!

It’s time to kick off the new month by letting you know March is National Nutrition Month – here is an article on how to start off the month on the right foot.

Rare Disease Day 2015

February 28th was World Rare Disease Day! The day aims to raise awareness for rare diseases, educate the community, and improve access to treatments. Above is the Rare Disease Day 2015 Official Video – take a look and share with your friends and family! ‪#‎rarediseaseday‬ ‪#‎awareness‬

Grandson’s Invention for His Grandfather with Alzheimer’s Disease

Technology has taken the reigns once again, this time to help with Alzheimer’s patients. This 15 year old created a tracker to make sure no wandering happens to patients that aren’t being watched. Watch the great story by clicking on the above link.

How Being Sick Affected My Body Image 

Although sometimes your body may change, your mind necessarily won’t change along with it. This woman tells her story about how body image and other common concerns women may have are put into perspective when health is reminded to be the most important thing in life to value.

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