Month: February 2015

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards Partner: My Migraine Life

We’re highlighting partners from this year’s Health Activists Awards. Today’s post is from My Migraine Life.   In her blog post, Sarah discusses the difficulties of suffering from migraines. The sadness of missing out on life, the loneliness of laying in bed, the anxiousness of not knowing when it will increase or if it will ever…

Heart Health, Health Activist Twitter Chat

[View the story "Heart Health, Health Activist Twitter Chat" on Storify]

"A Millennial Caregiver"

Below, a quote from an article by Marie Tae McDermott that originally appeared in the Wellness Section of The New York Times blog. In her article, Marie recalls the moments after her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.      And while some have envisioned that millennials would be caring for their ill and aging parents with…

Rare Disease Health Activist Twitter Chat

 Our last Health Activist Twitter chat took place on Thursday, February 19th, as we hosted with Global Genes through #RARETalk.      [View the story "Rare Disease Health Activist Twitter Chat" on Storify]

Health Activist Weekly Roundup

    6 Ways to Help a Loved One Battle Cancer from a Distance Know someone who is diagnosed with a chronic illness? Do they live far away? How do you show them support and that you're thinking of them?  What Everyone Gets Wrong about ADHD "Every year, ADHD affects more than 4 percent of…

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards Partner: The Annie Appleseed Project

Check out one of our partners in this year’s Health Activist Awards, Annie Appleseed Project       Ann Fonfa, founder of Annie Appleseed Project, was formed out of Ann’s desire for more awareness about alternative treatments to cancer. When Ann was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she refused traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.…
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