Cliche Phrases and Why We Should Stop Saying Them

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When you have a chronic illness or disability, chances are you’ve heard the same motivational saying from well-wishers over-and-over again. Sure, your supporters mean well, but sometimes, certain cliches don’t carry much weight.

 In last year’s Huffington Post article, Spinal Cord Injury Health Activist, Rachelle, speaks about 6 common phrases that she won’t use and tells us why.

As someone with a disability, I think I’m supposed to be regularly posting selfies of me doing something independently with this quote underneath the picture. But the truth is, there are disabilities that keep me and many others from doing so many things regardless of how awesome our attitude is. To me this quote is saying, “Hey, if you’re upset about having a disability, then you have a crappy attitude.” Can’t I be positive and happy but still be fully aware that my disability holds me back sometimes?

Check out Rachelle’s 6 phrases here.


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