Health Activist Weekly Roundup

invisible illness


15 Ways to Be Happier

How do you plan to be happier in 2015?

The Most Exciting Health Stories of 2014

Here are some of the top health stories that occurred in 2014. Is there one that you think tops all of them? Let us know in the comment section below.

What Advocacy Can Do

Michael Fernandez shares his thoughts on patient advocacy and the importance of spreading awareness in his blog post below.

10 Ways to May Your Doctor Understand 

When living with a chronic illness, it can become challenging when explaining symptoms to your doctor. What has worked for you to ensure you provide your doctor with all the correct information and don’t forget anything?

Bipolar Disorder: A Mother’s Perspective 

Will you help put a stop to the stigma surrounding bipolar disorder and mental illness?

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  1. Thank you as always for being so kind to me and including one of my favorite articles “What Advocacy Can Do”!

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