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The holiday season is coming fast and furious! Our calendar is filling up quite fast already – family gatherings, holiday parties, kids holiday concerts…add in sporting events and practices! With all of that said – it is not a bad thing. But I will say, fitting in fitness can become a challenge as crazy schedules increase.

In order to keep my sanity and continue with my workouts throughout the holiday season – I have narrowed it down to the following two tips:

Schedule Your Workouts

Seems rather silly but common sense at the same. I use the calendar on my iPhone to help plan my workouts. Doing this also helps when coordinating weekend running with my husband, as we both share the same calendar and both add events to it. However, always remember, that you do not have to be super rigid when it comes to scheduling. Allow yourself some flexibility.

Ask for Help

We are not super women. Although some might expect us to be. We cannot do everything on our own. Sometimes we do need to ask for some help. Which, honestly, is outside my comfort level. This will always be a work in progress – but when it comes right down to it – asking for help the best thing to do. Maybe asking in-laws to watch the kids so you can squeeze in a run? Or a trustworthy neighbor? Perhaps you have a high school student who you trust and can watch them? Just remember! As the holiday madness picks up, you can still stay sane by scheduling your workouts and asking for help! Do you have any tips to share?   

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