Weekly Health Activist Roundup

We’ve collected a roundup of some popular health articles that we saw on the web and shared on our WEGO Health social media sites. Check them out here!

Millions View Video of Woman with Narcolepsy

An online video that captures a woman’s battle with narcolepsy, a neurological disorder, has gone viral.


How Caregivers Can Seek Support

As a caregiver, how do you seek support?


Girls’ Guide to Running

We love #HAAwards nominee Julie Fattymustrun Creffield‘s  approach to health and fitness. Being the best version of yourself and creating a positive, accepting and healthy resource is what this UK Health Activist is all about. Check out The Fat Girls Guide to Running now – we love it and know you will too!


Writing a Blog Post to Go Viral

We’re not sure these tips will turn every blog post into a viral phenomena, BUT, we think a lot of these apply to the types of content that Health Activists write.

What are some of your tricks of the trade that you might recommend to patient/caregiver bloggers who are just starting out?


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