Health Activist Weekly Roundup

We’ve collected a roundup of some popular health articles that we saw on the web and shared on our WEGO Health social media sites. Check them out here!


Two fighters: Dying Cancer Patients Meets Muhammad Ali 

Two fighters. Two inspirations. One amazing bond.


Getting Blood Work? This Technology Shows Where Your Veins Are 

Ever had a nurse struggle to find your vein when you go in for blood work or are donating blood? This new technology will definitely help with that.


Who I Appear to Be 

Such a great blog post by Rachel from “The Chronic-Ills of Rach”. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Rachel walks the readers through her life with Dysautonomia. as a mother, wife, and friend. 

“It’s a strange double life I am leading. Like i’m a secret undercover agent. Except I am not saving the world from crime, I’m just surviving, one day at a time.”


Travel Survivor Tips 

Health Activist Joni from Just a Girl with Spots shares some travel tips for those with a chronic illness. What other travel advice would you share with community members?


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