Health Activist Roundup

We’ve collected a roundup of some popular health articles that we saw on the web and shared on our WEGO Health social media sites. Check them out here!

How Anxiety Influences Your Health

No one likes to experience bouts of stress or anxiety — and when it becomes a chronic occurrence, its impact can go from a little annoyance to a health hazard. Whether you’re experiencing an isolated, high-stress situation or you’re one of the 40 million Americans who suffer from anxiety disorder, your physical reaction to the emotion can affect you in more ways than you may have realized. Read on to discover how anxiety changes your body, whether it’s your immediate reaction to stress or a long-term battle.

How to Write Successful Blog Posts

Many of the patients and caregivers we’ve met have blogs, where they share their stories of diagnosis, struggles and triumphs. Some have been blogging for years, others are just started. So we wanted to share this helpful article we found on how to write more successful blog posts! Let us know if you are going to take any of these tips and implement them into your writing/blog.

When Patients Read What Doctors Write

We found this article really interesting! Does your doctor share their notes with you? What benefits are there from doctors sharing them with you? Do you believe this allows you to become more engaged in your care? 

“80 percent of patients who saw their records reported better understanding of their medical condition and said they were in better control of their health. Two-thirds reported that they were better at sticking with their prescriptions. Ninety-nine percent of the patients wanted OpenNotes to continue, and no doctor withdrew from the pilot. Instead, they shared anecdotes like mine. When patients see their records, there’s more trust and more accuracy”

A Plan of Attack for Juggling Cancer and Career

The challenges of navigating the workplace while dealing with cancer treatment and recovery are a reality for millions of Americans. Forty percent of the more than 14 million cancer survivors in this country are of working age.



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