Health Activist Weekly Roundup!

We’ve collected a roundup of some popular health articles that we saw on the web and shared on our WEGO Health social media sites. Check them out below:

How To Handle A Major Health Issue At Work

We’ve all felt the physical side effects of stress every now and then. But what happens when these symptoms may be a sign of something more serious than a demanding job? This article gives readers tips on how to navigate their work environment when they’re living and working with an illness.

10 Thing to do While Waiting for Test Results

Living with an illness may mean that you’re often visiting doctors and taking different types of tests. Sometimes, the worst part of the whole process is waiting for results! Breast Cancer Health Activist, Catherine, comes up with different activities to keep busy between the time you take a test and hear back from your doctor.

Tips to be Your Child’s Health Advocate

Being in charge of your child’s medical journey can be a challenging and an anxiety-ridden time. But knowing the tools to be a Health Activist for your child is crucial for creating a better patient experience. This article highlights some of the most important things you should know about being a strong advocate for your child’s health.

Migraine Tracking App

A new migraine app called Migraine Buddy is looking to change the way you monitor your migraine triggers! Not only does it ask you questions about your migraine, habits and medication history but it also tracks your movements and sleeping patterns. By providing doctors with insightful information about their patients, Migraine Buddy aims to assist doctors in doing their job more efficiently!

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