WEGO Health Weekly Roundup

We’ve collected a roundup of some popular health articles that we saw on the web and shared on our WEGO Health social media sites. Check them out below:

10 Lessons from Empowered Patients

Being an empowered patient is crucial to having control over your own patient experience. In this article, Health Activists discuss what they’ve learned as patients and caregivers and how their empowerment has affected their lives!

Breast Cancer 101: Do you know what you’re looking for?

The video in this link talks about some common changes that occur in the breast, and discusses the importance of early detection in breast cancer.

Stressed Out: Americans Tell Us About Stress In Their Lives

This article takes a look at a survey taken by more than 2,500 adults across the USA. Check out how people responded to questions about the most stressful experiences of the past year, what causes the most stress and more.

Finding the Right Dermatologist For Psoriasis: One Woman’s Story 

Finding the right doctor for you and your illness can be the difference between a good and bad patient experience. Take a moment to read how one psoriasis patient found the right doctor for her!



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