Health Activist Writes Workbook on Dealing with Chronic Illness

This is a guest blog post written by Lenore, co-founder of the Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children. If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post, please email us at

My name is Lenore Shapiro and I am the co-founder of The Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children, also known as NIBD.  The NIBD Foundation is a non-profit that was formed to raise awareness and foster research in the utilization of proper nutrition in the treatment of juvenile inflammatory bowel disease. NIBD helps educate children and their parents about the significance of nutrition in the management of IBD.

We have published an expressive therapeutic workbook created for chronic illness, medical and physically challenged children and young adolescents titled: Help! My Feelings are sticking out of my gown! By author Maurie Shapiro-Comenzo, PhD, LPC, ABCAC and co-author/illustrator Jordyn Shapiro.

Jordyn Shapiro is my daughter and co-founder of NIBD.  Her life experience of living and succeeding with a chronic illness is the inspiration for this book.  Dr. Maurie Shapiro-Comenzo is her aunt and had her own health journey living with asthma.

The idea for this book started when Jordyn first became sick and she asked her aunt, “How did you cope with being bedridden?”  Both at one point in their lives had become very sick and homebound.  As they continued to share their thoughts and ideas, Jordyn began to discover things that she could do while she was so sick.  They talked about how it feels to be sick every day, their worries and how people treat them or look at them differently.  They came up with lots of fun ideas that helped to keep their minds focused on good, positive things instead of all the disappointments.

The purpose of the workbook is directed at patients/your child:

-To remind you that you are not alone as a young person facing challenges.  Lots of kids and teens are out there struggling with many of the same problems that you are.

-To encourage you when you are facing day or nights that become challenging.

-To provide tools for change in order to feel happier and positive when faced with life changing situations.

-Most importantly no matter who you are or where you are at with your challenges there is always HOPE!

This book is a two year labor of love as Jordyn worked her way back to wellness.  She is graduating college in May 2014 from NYIT with a degree in animation, art & computer graphics.  The cover picture of this workbook is her representation of how people feel vulnerable when faced with a diagnosis of disease.

I hope this work book brings emotional healing to all children and their families whose lives are disrupted and challenged by illness.

Wishing you all continued good health and happiness,

Lenore Shapiro



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