Guest Blog Post: Keeping Fit While Working From Home

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While working from home may be your dream job, it could be detrimental to your health. Do you sit at a computer for 16 hours per day? Do you have conveniences near your desk so you don’t have to interrupt your work such as a nearby coffee pot?

When it comes down to staying fit while working from home, the key is diet and movement. If you’re sitting at your desk for extended periods of time, most of your body doesn’t experience much movement- even if you’re sitting on a balance ball.
1. Snacking
While sitting at your desk, it’s easy to get wrapped up in snacking on various items throughout the day. But snacking isn’t necessarily the problem- it’s what you’re snacking on that may be the issue. Cheap junk foods are exactly that – cheap and junk. If you need to snack on foods while sitting at your desk for extended periods of time, switch to fruits and vegetables. A bag of raisins, an orange, any berry, carrots and a slew of other healthier foods are far better for your than brownies or miniature chocolate bars.

Habitual snacking could be part of the problem as well. Some of us can sit at a desk and wipe out a can of Pringles without realizing. This is more of a subconscious behavior similar to the experiences of some with chain-smoking. It’s a fixation that you might not be aware of. Keep snacking material away from your desk to help prevent over indulgence.

2. Breaks
Taking breaks every hour to get up and walk around can help prevent you from feeling lethargic. Some will get up and do five to ten minutes of house chores every hour in order to get some kind of movement other than typing at a keyboard. A walk around the block every two hours will help keep the blood flowing. Any kind of movement is better than none at all. The key is to keep your body moving other than being planted in your office chair.

3. Lunches
Again, healthier eating could help you prevent those extra pounds from the lack of movement. You don’t have to subscribe to tasteless meals or soy products that you really don’t find appealing – although soy is almost a “super food” as it’s full of nutrients. What about a grilled chicken salad? All you need to mix is:
(i) Three Ounces of grilled chicken
(ii) One cup of lettuce
(iii) One cup of raw spinach
(iv) One cup of mushrooms
Not only is this an inexpensive meal to make, it’s relatively quick to make!

4. Exercising
Even if the exercise you can do is basic, it’s still movement. You don’t need to invest in thousands of dollars for equipment that may just wind up sitting in the corner collecting dust. Regular movement of any kind can help you. If you could exercise for a total of 20 minutes throughout your day and combine it with healthy eating, you would probably notice the difference by the end of a week.

5. Water
Switching from less pop to more water can make a profound difference as well. Over consumption of pop without a physical way to metabolize the sugars could turn it into fat. Not only is water healthier for you than the carbonated sweetness you love, but you can drink as much of it as you like without worrying. If you need something sweet to add to your water, products like Mio and others can add flavor without adding sugars and calories. Teas are another excellent way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

If you don’t monitor yourself closely, your dream job of working from home could cause problems. Keep yourself active and eat healthier while enjoying the benefits of working from home.



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