#HAChat Recap – Finding Dr. Right!

The following is a recap from our recent #HAChat about what qualities make a great health care provider. We’re always looking for new ideas to help you grow – please email editorial@wegohealth.com with suggestions or if you’d like to host a future #HAChat!
  1. Afternoon, Health Activists! Welcome to today’s #hachat!
  2. Today we are talking about finding the right provider a.k.a. Dr. Right. #hachat
  3. We’re using the provider term broadly here. It can mean nurse, therapist, dietitian, midwife, etc. #hachat
  4. The patient and provider relationship is very important, but can be challenging. #hachat
  5. T1: What qualities do you seek in a provider? #hachat
  6. @wegohealth T1: Willingness to listen & to let patients have a say in their own health. #hachat
  7. T1: Honesty is the biggest. If they don’t know something, I want to hear “I don’t know.” #hachat
  8. #hachat T1: Compassion, willingness to listen to my concerns and accept my level of knowledge, no judging.
  9. A1 I look an attempt at understanding unique social&financial effects of young adult cancer survivors – impacts compliance #hachat
  10. @wegohealth T1: Seeking Dr. Right? Qualities: empathy, smarts, the lost art of common courtesy #hachat
  11. @wegohealth #hachat A1 HCP must be credibile, be knowledgeable, good reputation, and be personable, kind and compassionate
  12. If HCP doesn’t know answer, I want them to tell me AND tell me “but I’ll find out or find you someone who will” #hachat
  13. #hachat Someone who will treat the cause, not just symptoms. Hate to just be handed pills without an explanation.
  14. “@Born2lbFat: #hachat T1: Compassion, willingness to listen to my concerns and accept my level of knowledge, no judging.” Basic human needs!
  15. T1: Being open-minded is important; they must be willing to consider other approaches that I ask about #hachat
  16. T1: Honesty and patience. Willing to listen to my concerns w/o brushing them off. #hachat
  17. A1: Dr. Right = Knows his/her stuff but open to patient thoughts, research. Clear communication explains the why’s of treatment plan #hachat
  18. #hachat I completely agree I have more respect for a PCP who says “I don’t know” than ones who pretend they know it all.
  19. Eye contact separates the competent doctors from the awesome. I’m a person, not a chart! #hachat
  20. @allieemorse Do you find eye contact is more difficult now that many have EMR laptops in the exam room? #hachat
  21. @Born2lbFat Have luckily had the EMRs my entire adult life (so much less hassel w/ complicated cases!) but some use as a crutch #hachat
  22. #hachat I want to add too, the office staff is an important part of the decision process.
  23. A1: Doesn’t pick up the pen & prescription pad before you are through explaining symptoms. #hachat
  24. T1.1: Full disclosure: tells me abt my test results/current situation/options/etc. Doesn’t just use gen terms like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ #hachat
  25. @wegohealth Awesome docs spend more than 5 mins w/you, go through symptoms, explain treatment, ask/answer ?s in simple terms. #hachat
  26. T1.1 They listen to the full story before deciding & ask questions to get more details; they don’t assume they know #hachat
  27. T1.2: Do your qualities change for different types of providers? Like alternative specialist or nurse practitioner? #hachat
  28. @wegohealth T1.2 I expect more from the providers that I’ve known longer because we have a closer relationship. #hachat
  29. A2:No,I expect 2b treated like a human w feelings & fdbk regardless of where I am (dentist/MD/nurse/physio/RD/Personal Trainer etc.) #hachat
  30. T1.2 I’ve recently raised my standards for all providers of any type #hachat
  31. T2: What’s your ideal patient and provider relationship? #hachat
  32. T2: It’s always built on trust. Whether I’m the patient or the caregiver. The relationship has to go both ways. #hachat
  33. T2: Should be more of a partner relationship; provider shouldn’t talk down to patient or assume patient lacks knowledge #hachat
  34. I don’t expect differences between my PCP, onc, PA, NP, etc but nurses do seem to want to “know” me vs just knowing my illness #hachat
  35. #hachat don’t forget…. take the story AND EXAMINE …. xrays and blood tests can be normal. The examination is the most important thing.
  36. @wegohealth #hachat Dr. Right empathizes, listens, asks, explains, investigates, consults w/you about solutions.
  37. T2: Trust and respect. I respect their time, and opinion. And they respect mine. #hachat
  38. My ideal patient-doctor relationship is one where my doctor can accept my curiosity & respects my research & PubMed membership #hachat
  39. @wegohealth @allieemorse It is so important for patients to be informed. Just make sure it’s from trusted and qualified resources #hachat
  40. T2: Should be more of a partner relationship; provider shouldn’t talk down to patient or assume patient lacks knowledge #hachat
  41. T1.2 I’ve have same standards and I’ve had MD, DO, NP, OT/PT, etc meet or not meet them. Been impressed with Residents knowledge! #hachat
  42. @wegohealth @HeartSisters will investigate and see patient as whole. not just rote diagnosis & script. But dig deep, like a PI #hachat
  43. They must take our intuitions seriously. I live in my body and I know when something is wrong, regardless of lab results #hachat
  44. T2: Provides options, and allows me to have a say in treatment. #hachat
  45. T2: Someone that will be able to answer you 24/7. They’ve made a commitment to be your doctor. They should be the best one. #hachat
  46. @wegohealth T2: Speaking of shared decision-making, did you read this today? -on sharing impossible decisions newyorker.com/online/blogs/e… #hachat
  47. @HeartSisters thanks for the link! Perfect for this chat! #hachat
  48. T3: Have you found a provider that fills most or some of these qualities? #hachat
  49. T3: Yes, and I want to clone her and train her in every speciality I may need. @wegohealth #hachat
  50. I have a dr that I love even though he is always about an hour late with my appt. He’s a great dr, though #hachat
  51. @aaronmichaeld My PCP has called me after hours, checked on me over a holiday weekend. #awesomedoc #hachat
  52. @wegohealth T3 Yes! But he was a specialist. I wish that he was a general practitioner. #hachat
  53. @aaronmichaeld Came in on her normal day off to see me in office verses sending me to ER #awesomedoc #hachat
  54. A3: For the most part yes. We’re still getting to know e/o. Took too many years to find him though #hachat
  55. T3: Not yet, but I’m still looking. I just got booted off of my primary care doctor’s service. #hachat
  56. @wegohealth I downplay my symptoms. I need a doc who sees through that & will advocate for me when I’m about to give up. #hachat
  57. @elizabethadrina @wegohealth I think it goes both ways; u have to stand up 4 what bothers u.I had 2b very blunt to get help I needed #hachat
  58. @ChoicesAddUp @wegohealth Agreed. But good docs can read body language, tell when you’re not pleased, & pivot as needed. #hachat
  59. @ChoicesAddUp PubMed is my best friend. I have saved myself invasive procedures just by knowing what range SUV on a scan was healthy #hachat
  60. A3 My PCP is amazing. Very little experience with #AYA survivors, but takes the time to learn before I see her. Very respectful. #hachat
  61. I like that my dr asks my opinion before making any decisions. #hachat
  62. A3- Sadly, I am one of the 45 million uninsured and must take Dr. Potluck as I self pay for every treatment #hachat
  63. @wegohealth What do you like most about your doc? Often overlooked details matter too: a handshake, eye contact, being “present” #hachat
  64. T3.1 @wegohealth #hachat She advocated for me. Cardio would not see me next avail for urgent matter, she wrote a letter to his superiors.
  65. @Born2lbFat I agree that a good provider is an advocator as well #hachat
  66. T3.2: Have factors, like location or insurance, hindered getting a good provider? #hachat
  67. Feel lucky to live in Boston and have access to some of the best oncologists & PCPs in world. Even luckier to be insured. #hachat
  68. T3.2 I now live 1000 miles from #awesomedoc #hachat but I still visit her, self pay since she is out of network, e-mail if needed.
  69. Was uninsured 3 months prior to dx, which definitely impacted my stage IV diagnosis. #hachat
  70. @rickit Rachel, love that “24hr access to chocolate milk!” @wegohealth #hachat ichooseb.com/qa-real-storie…
  71. I am lucky that my dr takes my insurance cause I know people that I would like to recommend him to, but he doesnt take medicare/caid #hachat
  72. @allieemorse I live in Boston too, but it’s hard to find the good docs, and harder to get in to see them! #hachat
  73. @CIRants Never had more than a few days to wait to see an onc. My PCP has a longer wait because she’s part-time, but worth it! #hachat
  74. A3.2: I’m Cdn so Med insurance:no Dental insurance: yes. Location absolutely & it takes time to find someone equally as good. #hachat
  75. @wegohealth She’s a sassy & aggressive woman, who keeps up w/research & unlike most male docs, isn’t confused by lady parts. #hachat
  76. Remember you can get continuation of care to see same provider if insurance changed mid-treatment. #hachat
  77. @wegohealth T3.2 Insurance is definitely a HUGE hurdle, especially since I’m about to graduate college. #hachat
  78. To be fair, have milked my alumni connections to see the head of lymphoma at @DanaFarber bc he wasn’t taking new patients #Brandeis #hachat
  79. People shouldn’t have to be limited to who they can see because of insurance or lack of. It’s a serious problem in the US #hachat
  80. @sano2pop Agreed! It’s sad how a lack of insurance can alter your care/treatment. #hachat
  81. @ChoicesAddUp Location = also urban/rural issue (lucky to live in beautiful city that cardiologists want to move to! NOT so for all #hachat
  82. @HeartSisters You are so right. Prob why Cdn Med schools/scholarships for rural communities have to exist #hachat
  83. @wegohealth My doc doesn’t take insurance, which sucks; most of my disposable income goes towards my health. #hachat
  84. B/c of #insurance limitations and lack of proper referals, it took me 11 years to get diagnosis, despite clear indicators #hachat
  85. @allieemorse This guy specializes in what I need, recommended by two different docs; I’m in a 5-month wait for another doc, too #hachat
  86. @CIRants I’m sorry – that’s miserable. 🙁 #hachat
  87. T4: What are some tips to finding a good provider #hachat
  88. T4: Don’t be afraid to be your own advocate and change doctors. #hachat
  89. @wegohealth T4 Utilizing the online community. More Good Doctor Directories for different regions need to exist! #hachat
  90. T4 Ask your coworkers if they like their PCP! My entire office goes to 1 PCP now, despite very different medical needs #hachat
  91. @wegohealth T4: Personal references, ask friends, but make sure you ask based on your standards. Not waiting room chairs are comfy. #hachat
  92. Yes! So important! MT @Born2lbFat @wegohealth T4: Personal references… but make sure you ask based on your standards… #hachat
  93. RT @Born2lbFat Personal references, ask friends, but make sure you ask based on your standards. Not waiting room chairs are comfy. #hachat
  94. @wegohealth Ask everyone you know for recommendations. If you hear one name pop up a lot, go to that doc. #hachat
  95. @wegohealth Personal recommendations are great :)! But that can get tricky with specialists if no one has one. :/ #hachat
  96. We’re about to wrap up, last question. #hachat
  97. T4.1: Do you think websites that rate providers work? Have you tried one? #hachat
  98. T4.1 Have to know if providers have ability to have negative comments removed. Know credibility of site. #hachat
  99. @wegohealth T4.1 Not really. I know ones for my professors are almost never accurate…everyone’s experience is different. #hachat
  100. I have heard they do, though I’ve never checked them myself @wegohealth RT Do you think websites that rate providers work? #hachat
  101. T4.1 I think those sites are like all other online ratings: only the best and worst opinions are shown, & the worst the most vocal. #hachat
  102. Provider rating sites aren’t Yelp – few votes, little explanation, not much background for why a negative or positive vote #hachat
  103. @wegohealth #hachat T4.1 as a patient, I would not use for referral; as a provider: we need to pay close attention to them
  104. Thank you all for joining and sharing with us today! #hachat
  105. Sound like word of mouth wins over website rating sites anyday. #hachat
  106. RT @wegohealth Sound like word of mouth wins over website rating sites anyday. #hachat
  107. thanks for the great chat everyone! Important topic for sure! #hachat
  108. Thanks for an informative #hachat @wegohealth and everyone who shared #awesome Best of health to all.
  109. We hope you find a great provider if you haven’t found one yet! #hachat
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  111. Please contact @wegohealth, if you want to host or have a health related topic! #hachat
  112. Please join us next Tuesday – same time, same hashtag! #hachat
  113. @CIRants you’re very welcome! Hope to see you again next Tuesday. #hachat
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