New Video on the Lung Cancer Sharing Hub: Taking Control of Your Treatment

WEGO Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new video “Taking Control of Your Treatment” on the Living Well with Lung Cancer Sharing Hub, sponsored by Genentech.

“Taking Control of Your Treatment” builds upon the advice provided by Lung Cancer Health Activists in our first video, “It’s Lung Cancer: Dealing with Diagnosis.” Health Activists Jessica, Teri, Don, and DonnaLee discuss their personal experiences with lung cancer treatment. Through frank discussions of their own journeys, the Health Activists help to address anxiety during the treatment process. They also share strategies for partnering with your doctors and getting support from family and friends while undergoing treatment.

Take a moment and visit Living Well with Lung Cancer today, and watch our latest video. Share this resource on your social media platforms or favorite online forums. We’re committed to sharing this resource as widely as possible to empower lung cancer patients, and we hope you’ll help us to achieve that goal!



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