HAWMC Day 10 – Wordless Wednesday

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Today’s Prompt:

  • It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post your favorite picture of yourself.


You will always be your biggest critic.  Whether it is your writing, your performance at work, or your personal appearance, we always see ourselves differently than those around us.   We notice imperfections and asymmetry where friends, family, and even strangers, don’t.  How many times have you or your friends taken a picture, only to have to retake it because someone doesn’t like their smile or they think they look weird/fat/crazy?

Today, try to look at yourself in a new light.   Share a photo of yourself that you love. It could be happy or sad or silly or remind you of better times or of how far you’ve come.  Though today is technically “Wordless Wednesday,” tell us why it’s your favorite photo of yourself and what it means to you.



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