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#HAAwards Finalists – Unsung Hero Award!

Announcing the 2012 finalists for the Unsung Hero Award!


Carlyle King
“Any time I meet someone struggling with AS or in need of a resource,
I refer them to 1 Odd Duck. Carlyle would never praise himself as being anyone special,
but as a fellow student of life, I can see the value others can not.”

Daniel Malito
“Daniel has been blogging for us for years now, and is always willing to
give at a moment’s notice. He has inspired so many with Arthritis and
other chronic illnesses, and never asks for a single thing. With thousands
of readers, he really helps those who think there’s no one else out there
who is going through the same things.”

Gina St. Aubin
“Gina is a hard working mom, looking to spread awareness for not
only her own son, but for all mothers out there doing the same.
She has been a wonderful presence in the community but has not been
given the gratitude that she deserves. She is always endlessly
out there trying to help others.”

Janie Bowthorpe
“Janie’s tireless work has helped millions of us who were getting
sicker and sicker on synthetic thyroid meds.
Her website and blog give us a place to get information and help.”

Nancy Harris Bonk
“Nancy is definitely an *unsung* hero and invaluable to
our Migraine community through her advocacy in writing for
websites such as Health Central and Migraine.com and in connecting with
people on a personal level by starting her own regional support group.”

Niki Wyre
“Niki works tirelessly despite being very ill.  She puts the needs
of others ahead of her own.  She is a true hero in this fight against RA.”

Suzanne Stewart
“She suffers from Chronic Pain & RSD/CRPS but she is an advocate
for all those who suffer. Suzanne is a chemo-angel, prayer angel,
special assignment angel & card angel for chemo-angels non profit org.”



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