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#HAAwards Finalists – Rookie of the Year Award!

Announcing the 2012 finalists for the Rookie of the Year Award!


Cynthia Zuber
“Cynthia uses her own life experience to inspire others to live healthier lives.”

Elizabeth Bailey
“Powerful voice for patients and caregivers who deal with hospital admits
and discharges – which is ALL of us at some point, right? “

Helene Campbell
“This young woman burst on to the social media scene via twitter early in 2012
outlining her campaign for raising awareness on organ donation.”

Julianne La Porte
“CanIEatHere.com is a new database catering to the issues of people
with food allergies or require special dietary needs. If you have multiple food allergies,
celiac disease, kosher, or vegan, this is the site to use.”

Julie Stubblefield
“Julie opened up her studio in 2012, but has given a lifetime of benefits
to her community!  Teaching people the right way to exercise,
how to eat and live better, how to work with teens and adults to achieve their goals –
it is an amazing story you need to know more about!”

Rebecca Black
“Rebecca Black makes celiac disease and gluten-free eating sexy!!!
She offers tips, shares her own personal experiences, talks about how she feels
when she either caves or accidentally eats gluten, raises awareness
and lets us all know what to do to live a healthier life.”



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