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#HAAwards Finalists – Paperboy Award!

Announcing the 2012 finalists for the Paperboy Award!


Carrie Arnold
“Carrie is always up to date and sharing with all relevant information
relating to eating disorders in all their form.”

Chris Greulich
“Chris is a great health activist who always delivers the latest and
greatest health news and research. He is through and inquisitive.”

Christopher Lotito
“Christopher is the creator / programmer behind BiotechDashboard,
a news aggregation site which archives more than 5000 medical industry
press releases, announcements, and articles from the past 3 years.”

Diana Gaeta
“Diana tirelessly works to keep the blogging community informed
and aware of new research and treatments when they come out,
and with a dash of humor in it as well.”

Heather Swifty
“Heather is a tweeting machine.  She always finds the latest research
and she manages to tweet about ALL of it!”

Lisa Davis
“As host of “It’s Your Health Radio” Lisa Davis contributes to explaining,
exploring and destigmatizing many invisible illnesses.”

Robin Marty
“Although Robin Marty may not qualify as a researcher in the medical sense,
as a journalist she is highly attuned to reproductive health, rights,
and justice issues and writes about them eloquently and tirelessly.”

Sarah Sullivan
“Bi[polar] Curious explores the infinite nature of the emotional spectrum
that is the defining mark of bipolar disorder while asking
questions addressing its curiosities.”

Teri Robert
“Teri Robert keeps migraine and headache warriors informed
and updated on migraine and headache news, research and advocacy.”



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