#HAAwards Finalists – Best in Show: Blog Award!

Announcing the 2012 finalists for the Best in Show: Blog Award!


Amy Medling
“Amy helps women with PCOS, based on her own experience teaches how to improve their
lives through healty lifestyle, diet, workout, stress control, supplements.
Gives information about medical news important for women with PCOS.”

Marie Ennis O’Connor
“Marie does an amazing job of rounding up the breast cancer bloggers each week in her
friday round up  – profiling new bloggers and linking bloggers to each other.
She is an encouraging and supportive voice at the heart of the BC blogosphere.”

Michelle Roger
“Michelle is not just writing down words, she is opening my eyes to a whole
new health condition while, at the same time, nearly fully incapacitated.”

Pamela Sloate
“Pamela Sloate’s exquisitely written “Dystonia Muse” is simply the most
superlative health-activist blog I’ve ever read — and I’ve read dozens:
none of which I’ve ever felt compelled to nominate!”

Sara Ringer
“Sara is one of the best and most relate-able bloggers in the IBD world.
She has consistently covered important topics, and shown both honesty and compassion
about her own disease and in dealing with the community.”

Scott Forsgren
“Scott has provided a large amount of information to the chronic illness community,
which generally is not picked up on by other services. He also provides reports
from trade shows and conferences for those who are
too poor or ill to attend.”


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