#HAChat Recap: Sexuality & Disability!

  1. Join us for a special #HAchat on the topic of sexuality and disability. Guest host: @dystoniamuse! hub.am/YanEWz
  2. Excited for today’s #HAchat on disability & sexuality. Follow the hashtag to tune in at 3pm! #cysticfibrosis
  3. Welcome to today’s chat on Disability & Sexuality hosted by Pamela Sloate of @dystoniamuse and dystoniamuse.com #HAChat
  4. Pamela Sloate of @dystoniamuse here. I’m thrilled to be setting intimacy on the table so don’t be shy!
  5. I’m looking for your thoughts on sexuality in your health communications and your lives. #hachat
  6. Let’s start by agreeing sexuality’s an area of our lives that can be impacted but is hardly defined by disability/chronic illness. #hachat
  7. Further, there’s no such thing as the perfect body & anyone – disabled or ab
    le-bodied – can have problems in the bedroom! #hachat
  8. T1.1 – So, Health Activists, how if at all do you broach sexuality, intimacy or romantic relationships with your communities? #hachat
  9. T1.1 I have to be honest, it’s not something I talk about on my blog/Twitter very often, if at all. #cysticfibrosis #hachat
  10. T1.1 I discuss it on my blog, so it’s a one-way conversation (except for comments.) I’m very direct about it. #HAchat
  11. @CIRants That’s great. What’s your site and what do you discuss on your blog? #hachat
  12. T1.1 There was a chronicbabe.com chat about this in a discussion board last week – an issue for a lot of people #HAchat
  13. #hachat this is such an un approached topic. Can I clarify, are we only discussing physical disabilities, or are developmental fair game?
  14. It seems like this conversation is rare in online communities. Why? Do you think there’s value in having this conversation? #HAChat
  15. T1.2 – Well, now that we’re here discussing, what are messages you’d like to get across relative to disability & sexuality? #hachat
  16. T1.1 I have/am planning to talk about my relationship w/my husband in a more general sense, from the perspective of chronic illness. #hachat
  17. Sex issues magnify the shame that often attends disability. Make it safe to discuss the shame. #HAchat
  18. Sexuality is a huge topic in life but I echo everyones sentiment that convos about it are sparse in the online health community #HAchat
  19. T1.2 It’s important for people to understand that disabilities and sexiness are not mutually exclusive #HAchat
  20. T1.3 – Speaking of messages, what do you think are the biggest misconceptions about disability & sexuality? #hachat
  21. Society is sex negative as it is. Whatever repression/shaming exists in the world is only magnified by disability or illness. #hachat
  22. T.2. Let’s get to your feelings on intimacy & sexuality, how important a role do they play in your lives?   #hachat
  23. People sometimes see the “disabled” label as applying to everything, including sexuality, so we have to remind them we love sex too #HAchat
  24. T2 It plays a huge part. I’m someone that likes affection, it’s a way of connecting w/my partner. #hachat
  25. T.2 having supportive relationships helps when dealing with chronic illness/pain. #hachat
  26. T2.1 Intimacy is a way for me to connect with another human being I care about and to express my feelings and affection. #hachat
  27. And don’t forget, orgasms are good for pain! Those endorphins are a natural and powerful pain killer! #hachat
  28. It’s often the case that sex and intimacy are confused #hachat
  29. Good point. They aren’t the same thing. RT @MrPaddyDoyle: Its often the case that sex and intimacy are confused #hachat
  30. T2.3 – Do you feel your disability/chronic illness affects your sexual confidence or inhibits you from expressing your sexuality? #hachat
  31. T2.2 – I’ve been self-conscious about my Dystonia most of my life but I’ve always felt very sexy and to be a sexual person. #hachat
  32. @susanmees If I don’t feel good about myself how can I expect anyone else to feel good about me. If I feel sexy, that’s good. #hachat
  33. P.S. if anyone has a post on this topic to recommend or wants to write a guest post email us editorial @wegohealth.com. #hachat
  34. Your body will never be good enough if you have low self esteem. A mixture of a healthy mindset AND a healthy body are the best #hachat
  35. T3 – Moving to a related topic, do romantic relationships pose particular challenges for you?  #hachat
  36. T3.1 I have a fear of rejection anyway and the health issues compound that, so that’s put up a wall #HAchat
  37. < div class="s-quote-content">

    T3.1 More recently I’ve stopped dating because the symptoms are so bad, I can’t physically go out on dates #HAchat
  • T3.1 I have a speech impediment that can inhibit me from engaging with men though I know it shouldn’t. Working on that one! #hachat
  • For the rest of you, how has your chronic illness or disability affected how you date? #HAChat
  • I think all these issues are central to simply being human. We all seek self esteem understanding intimacy love. #HAchat
  • A sexual problem is a sexual problem whether one is disabled or not. It’s a mistake in my view to get hung up on disability. #hachat
  • I’ve been open about my issues with mental health from the start. Physical issues were diagnosed after we were together. #HAChat
  • I am upfront about my generalalised dystonia, PKD
    but what dates I’ve had, say, you look fine to me. Ugh! #hachat
  • T4 – Aging ultimately nabs us all, do you find your sexual needs, desires & expectations changing as you age? #hachat
  • I must say you all have been so open and honest. I’m thrilled to see everyone sharing. #hachat
  • We want to thank you all so much for joi
    ning us today and a special shout out to @dystoniamuse for such an engaging chat! #HAChat
  • I will be posting some of my own thoughts on this topic on my blog tomorrow. You can find me online at dystoniamuse.com. #hachat
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