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Health Activist Resolutions: Kim Vespa

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Kim Vespa from  http://www.vespaandtheladybird.com/


My top 3 Health Activist goals for the year


  1. To bring more awareness to the practice and benefits of Post Pregnancy Belly Binding
  2. To further educate women about what to expect from their bodies AFTER the birth of their baby and to rid any taboo associated with these experiences
  3. To offer women a range of premium quality and superior designed products at an economical price

Here is my declaration – I love Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps so much that I now run a company that makes them!  Now I do my very best every day to spread the word of the gospel… the miracle that is Belly Binding.  And my audience is everywhere – I am a thirty-something woman living the suburban dream with girlfriends, colleagues, play groups, little league, childcare and parks full of women who are reproducing en mass.

But let’s face it, after your baby comes, everything is about them (bless their little cotton socks…), are you breastfeeding, or not?; are you following a routine, or not?; is your baby sleeping through the night yet?; blah blah blah…. But who is asking you about YOU? How are your “bits”?; have you managed to find time in the day to shower?; how are you feeling about your body right now?; is your lower back very sore? (by the way, a lavender wheat bag really does the trick with that!), and what are you doing about your post pregnancy belly…. this is when the conversation usually stops!

How preposterously taboo, to mention a woman’s weight, let alone the look of her belly which just got stretched to the enth degree over a 40 week period… but here is the thing – this is exactly what we should be talking about.You see, the use of a Post Pregnancy Recovery Belly Wrap as a medical aid to help new mums heal and recover after birth is something that has been around since almost the beginning of womankind. Somewhere along the way in the Western world when TV’s, toasters and mobile phones became the rage, Belly Wraps vanished and were almost forgotten. But with thanks to our Eastern, European and South American sisters, we are now rediscovering the practice of these clever little things.

And in doing so, we can help the far too many women who are suffering and living with ailments after childbirth that they don’t have to and shouldn’t have to, like ongoing back problems, abdominal separation and unsightly post baby tummy pouches for years to come. So for all of you out there who aren’t too sure, let me talk about what a Belly Wrap actually does.

In the first six weeks following the birth of a baby, whether the birth is natural or by cesarean, a woman’s body goes through a significant recovery and healing process. A Belly Wrap is a garment that you wear directly on your body; low down around your pelvic midriff area and ideally you would start wearing your wrap as soon as your baby is born (eg, day 1/day 2 post birth) and ideally wear it all the time (only taking it off to shower or to sleep). Using gentle compression, a Belly Wrap effectively helps shrink and re-position your uterus after birth, as well as to reduce any bloating in your abdominal area caused by water retention. Belly Wraps are also used to provide additional support to your abdominal area (especially after a Cesarean) and core muscles to help improve posture and reduce strain in your lower back and to help heal any abdominal muscle separation (otherwise known as Diastasis Rectus Abdominus which can cause acute back pain, a weakened pelvic floor, an increase in developing urinary incontinence and even pelvic organ prolapse). From a pure atheistic point of view, a Belly Wrap will give you an instant flatter silhouette which is always a bonus too – no inappropriate comments like “when is your baby due??”.

The concept makes sense and the philosophy is simple… think about multiple pregnancies over multiple years, your body knows what to do and it does its best – but so many women are left with the battle scars that can be avoided. So for those who are planning, expecting or have just had a new baby, just stop for a moment and think about how YOU are helping YOU recover from your pregnancy. A Belly Wrap is the one essential item that your future self will thank you for – I PROMISE!!




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