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Health Activist Resolutions: CaregivingCafe.com

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Lynn Greenblatt of  http://www.caregivingcafe.com/


My name is Lynn Greenblatt, Founder of CaregivingCafe.com – an online directory of caregiving links to information, resources, support and solutions to help family caregivers better manage their caregiving.

This year will be a busy one for CaregivingCafe!  Advocating to make caregiving easier by encouraging family caregivers to learn about their caree’s condition or illness, to practice self-care in order to remain strong and compassionate, and to create a caregiving team for support along the way, my goals are:

  1. To create a “care package” for family caregivers, especially new ones.  This would take the form of a booklet that would be available online as well, filled with pertinent resources and information for caregivers to have at their fingertips, all in one place.  The purpose is to let caregivers know that organizations, groups and others are ready to lend a hand and some guidance.
  2. To create a marketplace at CaregivingCafe that would offer products and services to take some of the burden off caregiving.
  3. To write more blog posts that include specific suggestions and tips on how to perform caregiving tasks or where to find solutions.
  4. To emphasize the need for self-care and how to realistically do it.
  5. To establish a local CaregivingCafe for family caregivers to meet, chat and take a break from caregiving.


Of course, this will take place as I continue to care for my husband, who valiantly marches on despite his CPRS.  I also help my mother long-distance as she strives to start a new life without Dad.

Thank you, WEGO Health, for advocating for the many wonderful health activists who do so much for others!  They inspire me to work harder to make this caregiving journey a little smoother for all of us!



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