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Health Activist Resolutions: Pamela Sloate

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written Pamela Sloate of  Chronicles Of a Dystonia Muse and https://twitter.com/dystoniamuse


The Undiscovered Joys of 2013!

As 2013 unfolds, I reflect back on an amazing 2012, when I launched Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse, and I look forward to continuing my journey with my blog, the gift that keeps on giving! My ongoing class of “Dystonia 101” explains the day to day realities of my little known movement disorder and delves deep into my sentiments regarding life with this chronic condition.

My readers are extended family and I’m resolved to continue my efforts to support them with the gift of laughter, encouragement through their daily challenges and attention to their questions. I aspire to provide motivation, humor, knowledge, and friendship. Every day offers a new opportunity to share a smile with the world. In particular, I look forward to conveying my message to a growing audience outside the disability community. My deepest desire is to incent empathy through basic human understanding as I reveal simple daily realities and heartfelt feelings about life with a point of difference.

In the coming year, I also look forward to stepping even further outside myself and introducing my readers to the inspirational role models who continue to change my life, expanding my blog’s universe beyond the Dystonia community to spotlight individuals battling a variety of chronic health conditions. Whatever the particular disorder or illness, we’re united by the hard-earned life lessons our struggles impart and I believe we can be invaluable to one another in our efforts to spread the wealth of our insights, advance awareness of our conditions and counter misperceptions of disability.

I will continue to vigorously promote my fellow health activists on my social media, embracing their causes as my own. Our activism is a passion that unites us and we are truly in one great big boat together. With determination and collective action, we stand invincible!





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