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Health Actvist Resolutions: Marissa Vicario

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Marissa Vicario from

You can also find Marissa here:


My top 3 Health Activist goals for the year

  • Spread my wellness message further and wider than ever before in 2013 by appearing on TV and radio
  • To build more community on my blog and Facebook page by inspiring real discussions among my readers and followers
  • Finish my book proposal


What I’d like to see change/be improved upon in 2013

My hope is that women will feel more empowered in the kitchen and will start there to take control of their health  by cooking at home more often without relying so heavily on restaurants and takeout. I also hope we’ll see less food restriction (for non-medical reasons) and crash dieting in every form.


My health resolutions or activism resolutions

I’ve been practicing yoga for 11 years but have never done a 30 day challenge so I’d like to challenge myself to one month straight of daily yoga this year.  My vision for 2013 is simple: Live everyday inspired and in true alignment with my message and Highest Self.




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