Meet the WEGO Health Activist Awards Judges – Day 3!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards. We received a record number of nominations and, as we start our judging process, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our fabulous Judges! You’ll meet all of our Judges – and learn why they’re excited to be participating – on the blog this week!


Paul Riome

“Participating as a WEGO Health judge affords me the opportunity to work with other judges and share perspectives on a wide variety of site profiles and styles, while reviewing the best-of-the-best. I expect to learn much from this experience. Of course I will not be judging categories to which I have been nominated.”


Sharon Bassett

“There are many supporters spreading the word positively about health and well-being and I am very excited to be seeing some of the best, most effective, knowledgeable and inspirational communicators through the WEGO Health Activist Awards.”


Heather Guidone

“Health activism is a critical part of empowerment and education in every aspect of well-being. It is imperative that we as a community elevate, highlight and celebrate the efforts of those who have dedicated themselves to advocating for the global patient constituency in order to improve not only delivery and design of healthcare, but also – above all else – to improve the patient experience. As a fellow Activist, it is an honor to acknowledge as a Judge the worthy efforts of those making positive strides in their own health communities every day.”


Stephanie A. Watson, BA
HEALTHCARE/Business, Marketing/PR, Sales/Training Specialist, Professional Speaker & Corporate/ Social Event Planner

“It is my desire to embrace health, resources and community outreach for the betterment of communities nationwide. Havng the opportunity to be instrumental in the selection process recognizing our great health activist nominees is not only my sincere pleasure, but an honor. We are all in this fight together to enhance and foster phenomenal Quality of Life for all people. I have worked in the healthcare, business, marketing, training and development and pharmaceutical industries for over 15+ years and I have always and will continuously encourage education and self improvement in all aspects of life personally and professionally for everyone.”


Michele Appel Prigo, MA, CHES

“As a passionate health educator it is great to be part of the WEGO Health community and have the opportunity to recognize and reward/award other health educators who are making sure others live long, happy, healthful lives. Through recognition of their efforts I feel that not only is it a testament to the lives they are enhancing in the lay community, but it also helps to build up the professional capacity of the health educator arena. I’m excited to be part of the process that makes a blogger, an advocate, a speaker, feel that they are making a difference and empower them to keep on doing it.”


Yene Keap

“I believe people who work for the good of others oughta be appreciated!  Especially in health… Health is wealth… Let’s keep creating wealth!”


Dan DeFigio (coming soon!)

“I am passionate about educating people who are interested in fitness and nutrition.  There is a lot of garbage in the fitness and nutrition field, so I have made it my mission to sort out the wheat from the chaff and deliver the truth to my readers and clients.”

Sarah Sasser

Doreen Grant

Shi Cheverie



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