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Meet the WEGO Health Activist Awards Judges – Day 2!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards. We received a record number of nominations and, as we start our judging process, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our fabulous Judges! You’ll meet all of our Judges – and learn why they’re excited to be participating – on the blog this week!



“I’m excited to be a judge to know the other Health Activists around the world; everyone is working in his/her ways, big and small, to make life better for someone else. Loving others, helping others to live better and for a judge, to know the awesome people around the world who are doing that, is so inspirational. I’m looking forward to be in awe of fellow Health Activists.”


Free Your Mind Projects, Inc.

“We have been Health Activists now for many years and and we know firsthand the impact that education…when done in a manner which is compelling, relevant and engaging…absolutely makes a difference. Sometimes one at a time…sometimes thousands at a time. We look forward to helping to find those fresh and compelling voices out there making a difference!”


Megan Starshak
The Great Bowel Movement

“I’m excited to be a WEGO Health Activist Awards Judge because I’ve spent the past several years becoming involved in various health communities, and seen the cycle of people inspiring others to not only cope, but grow and become activists of their own. Each person’s story and voice is important, and the amazing things people have done to use them for something positive is simply humbling. I’m excited to delve deeper into some of the blogs and organizations out there, and be able to recognize and thank activists for doing what they do.”


Dr Debasish Kundu

“I am just grateful I have been choosen to do it. I am grateful that I will be giving my sincere efforts to make this event successful. I am really looking forward to it.”


Annie Nowlin

“Blogging is hard and often thankless work, so the people who have good blogs, should be at least honored by their peers.”


Nicole Dunn

Tom Donohue

Lynne Daley

Suria Mohd


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