Day: December 4, 2012

Nominate for: Best Kept Secret 2012

It’s WEGO Health Activist Awards season! Let’s celebrate the amazing things that members of the online health community did in 2012. Here at WEGO Health, we’ll be sharing our favorite parts of Health Activism now til the end of the year – and we hope you’ll join us. A great (and easy) way to say “thanks” and recognize the hard work of an advocate you know  is by nominating them for an award!


Best Kept Secret Award 2012

The internet is a vast place, making it near impossible to find all of the amazing content that exists. But other Health Activists often have the best recommendations – so which Health Activist would you recommend that everyone follow? Who is a hidden gem who creates great content and deserves the spotlight? Who deserves double the readership because they are doing great things as an advocate? Help us uncover the best kept secret of the online health space! They may become too busy to chat with you- but others will benefit from their contributions and will think fondly of you for spreading the word.

Who do you want other Health Activists to know, follow, and love?

Nominate them for Best Kept Secret!


Be sure to visit the Best Kept Secret – Pinterest Board to see some of the folks who are already nominated! We’ll continue to tweet, Facebook, and email nominees throughout the next month.

Last year’s winner of the Best Kept Secret 2011 award went to Heidi Skiba of Ostomy OutdoorsWatch her Award announcement video here.


Remember: you can nominate as many people as you like! We will be taking nominations until December 31, 2012. Then, after nominations are closed, the  judging panel will begin reviewing finalists and selecting winners throughout the month of January. Read more about the process on our Awards FAQ page.



Today's #HAChat: Kicking Off Health Activist Pride Month


Health Activists do amazing work every day but this December, we’re taking extra care to recognize you, your work, and the difference you’ve made this year. This month we’ll focus on all of the great things we’ve seen in Health Activism during 2012, wrap up the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards, and talk a bit about what we’d like to see happen in 2013.

Join us – on all of our social channels – to celebrate your work and the work of those who have made a difference in your life this year. We’ll be kicking off the month today with our weekly #HAChat and hope you will join us to share your Health Activist Pride!

Join our Health Activist Tweetchat today at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) to discuss:

  • Your favorite moment (so far!) of 2012
  • The Health Activists you’d like to recognize
  • Where we can still make a difference
  • Plans and goals for 2013
  • And what you’d like to get done during the month of December


Join the conversation here:



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