Nominate for: Advocating for Another 2012

It’s WEGO Health Activist Awards season! Let’s celebrate the amazing things that members of the online health community did in 2012. Here at WEGO Health, we’ll be sharing our favorite parts of Health Activism now til the end of the year – and we hope you’ll join us. A great (and easy) way to say “thanks” and recognize the hard work of an advocate you know  is by nominating them for an award!


Advocating for Another 2012


There lots of reasons why Health Activists get involved in advocacy – but this particular group of advocates have a special inspiration: their loved one. Though these advocates may not personally experience a chronic health condition, they tirelessly raise awareness and have an up-close-and-personal perspective that is invaluable. They are caregivers: children of, siblings of, parents of, significant others of, or friends of patients – who work hard to make the world better for patients like their loved one. Not only do they dedicate their time caring for someone in-person, they also support others in the online health community through their blogs, sites, and social media presences. They truly prove that caregivers and parents need to be at the table alongside patients when it comes to changing healthcare for the better.


Who is an advocate for another that you love and admire?


Nominate them for Advocating for Another in 2012!

Be sure to visit the Advocating for Another Board on Pinterest to see some of the folks who are already nominated! We’ll continue to tweet, Facebook, and email nominees throughout the next month.

Last year’s winner was: Scott Benner of Arden’s Day! Watch the video for this award from the 2011 Health Activist Awards.



Remember: you can nominate as many people as you like! We will be taking nominations until December 31, 2012. Then, after nominations are closed, the  judging panel will begin reviewing finalists and selecting winners throughout the month of January. Read more about the process on our Awards FAQ page.



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