Featuring Health Activist Blogs Day 15

In honor of National Health Blog Post Month – we’re featuring health blogs and the bloggers who write them!

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Detoured Fashion


For 9 years I sat silent and let my disease run my life.  Once I took control I decided I wanted to help others who may be in the spot I once sat.  My blog has a unique twist of providing fashion tips for ostomates 🙂


Pinups for Cancer


“I blog about health and healing through art. I started a fundraiser called pinups for cancer that has taught me more about Cancer and health than ever before. I want to share what I learn with people.”


Life Your Way!


“I write a health and humor blog where I do my best to find something to laugh about in each day, regardless of what’s going on with the ole bod. I try not to focus too much on one specific illness, since we’re all in this together.”


Lupus Interrupted


“I believe that what you put into life, you will get out of life. Your body, your mind, your soul all falter in negativism, all flourish in positivism.”



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