Day: November 9, 2012

Featured Health Blogs Day 9

In honor of National Health Blog Post Month – we’re featuring health blogs and the bloggers who write them!

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Hope Whispers


“I started out just to keep my friends and family up to date.  But when I started to look for others with my illness, I couldn’t find anyone.  I started writing more about my journey, hoping someone out there with Budd Chiari would find me and see that they aren’t alone either.”


It was Lupus


“I blog about health because of my own experiences living with Lupus and several other chronic conditions.  I want others to be made aware of the things that I’ve discovered through trial and error, and research.  The support of the Chronically Awesome community online is amazing and I love being a part of it!”


Know Food Now


“Better nutrition comes from a behavior change you can make today. The intent is to provide information for readers to consciously build healthy eating behaviors that will keep calories in check and weight under control. Find tips for weight loss and behavior change for weight management. If you are an empty nester or single who is lazy about food preparation and who dines out, takes out, and can’t keep track of what you eat, this blog is for you.”



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