Featuring Health Blogs Day 5

In honor of National Health Blog Post Month – we’re featuring health blogs and the bloggers who write them!

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Self Sufficient Me



“I blog about health, in general, to share the information I’ve gained with people who are seeking answers to their health and lifestyle questions.
My blog is unique because it groups health & fitness with self-sufficiency to make one culture – the culture of self-sufficient living.”

Vodka Was My Muse



“Alcohol takes over many lives, many bodies – many brain cells!  I’ve decided to catch it before I fall (too far…).”


Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP)


“I’m a 9 1/2 year accidental prostate cancer survivor.  I call myself an accidental survivor because a case of prostatitis led to my prostate cancer diagnosis when my PSA test values and digital exam were in the “normal” range.  That case of prostatitis led to the discovery of two tumor sitting on top of my prostate ready to metastasize.  As a result of my experience, I began looking for a prostate cancer early warning tool that men could. I couldn’t find one, so I created one.  This early warning system is now available on the Internet, free to everyone, at”


Shari Speaks


“I blog for many reasons. For one, it’s an easy way to keep friends and family up-to-date on my condition. I also blog because I want to bring awareness to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and chronic illness in general. I may not be the best writer, but I sure do enjoy writing.”



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