This week's #HAchat panel: Planning for End of Life


We have another Tough Stuff topic to discuss this week – that is relevant to both the patient community and individuals with significant online footprints. We’ll be discussing planning for end of life.


Now, for the most part – we don’t discuss EOL or death. We’re more focused on living well and making the most of each day. And that’s ok. Life is complicated enough with balancing life as a patient, friend, family member, parent, employee, and online health leader. You’ve got a lot going on – and stopping to think about the big “what ifs” can be scary and even counterproductive at times.


But, in light of Tough Stuff Month – and our roles as Health Activists – let’s go there this week. For the sake of conversation let’s delve into those topics we may have considered briefly or even dealt with personally. This week’s #HAchat panel will go into topics like:

  • Do you discuss End of Life in your health community?
  • If something happened to you – what would you do with your blog, online presences, and social profiles?
  • Do you have a living will? If yes – what advice do you have for others in creating one?
  • After some people pass on – their social profiles are used as memorial sites. Is that something you support? Why or why not?
  • Do you have a plan for your passwords, log-ins, or other information – just in case?
  • Would you consider telling your community if something took a turn for the worst with your health?
  • What aspects of EOL care can translate online? What cannot?

And more.


We hope you’ll join us in this open discussion about End of Life planning. No matter what health community you lead – EOL is something we could all face, suddenly, without warning. We don’t have to dwell on the existential fear and pain of death – but let’s have a conversation about it just to see what we can learn from each other.


Join us at 3pm ET tomorrow – Tuesday, October 23rd. We’ll be tweeting here



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