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It’s that time again: the last burst of advocacy before we start a whole new year of Health Activism. That’s why we are doing National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM) this November.  We love to encourage the health bloggers among  us because, while a lot of people have blogs – it’s pretty special that you dedicate yours to raising awareness and helping others.


So join us in posting every day in November! But don’t worry – we have dozens of prompts to get you going. All you have to do is what you do best: write creatively about health.


This year we will be featuring a health blog a day here on the WEGO Health blog to highlight all of the folks participating and show the range of health blogs and the bloggers who write them. Want to have your blog featured? Just check the box on the sign up page and give us a quote about why you blog or what makes your blog special.


We will start of Day 1 on Thursday, November 1st – so be sure to sign up early to get the prompts now and start planning, if that’s your style. We love when everyone involved writes about the same thing but we also wanted to give lots of options so this years prompts are divided into two prompts a day. Choose the first option OR the second option and start writing. We’ve also included bonus prompts that you can use throughout the month or save for later. Of course, feel free to use the prompts as suggestions and make this NHBPM your own.


Once you sign up, head over to the NHBPM Facebook Event to RSVP  and tell the group a bit about yourself: your blogs name, what condition or health area you focus on, and a URL. The group will be the HQ for NHBPM all month long. So feel free to post a link to your newest post every day and interact with other participants by reading their posts and leaving comments. As bloggers we love comments so let’s a foster a mini NHBPM community there.


The only thing left to say is: have fun! You have two Get Out Of Post free days so you can use those if you need. Once you complete the challenge you’ll get a NBBPM blog badge and pride  in the awesome accomplishment of having blogged every day for a month.


We looks forward to your posts!


Sign up for National Health Blog Post Month here and you’ll get the prompts and 30 blog images to use if you want.




33 thoughts on “Join National Health Blog Post Month 2012

  1. Not sure if I’m just having one of those days and can’t see what’s right in front of me, but I signed up and am not finding the 30 blog images anywhere. Would love some directions.

    1. Hi Jia – Did you sign up on this page: ? Once you sign up they are on the Thank You page. If they aren’t there or you can’t find them – I can always email them to you personally as well. 🙂 Let me know!

      1. I signed up there, too, but I didn’t see the images anywhere.

        1. Ok – I’ve uploaded them here in a zip file for download! Try: 🙂 🙂 

          1.  Yeah I never got to a Thank You page, but thanks for the zip file!

          2. Awesome. Thanks so much!

  2. Jacqui Percious says:

    I need a bit of help please.  I have my blog for the day and went to the WEGO Facebook page but don’t know how to get it on the page.
    Jacqui Percious

  3. I didn’t hear about it until today, the 4th. I did blog one or two of the days prior to today but not as part of the WEGO Health program,  Is it too late to sign up and participate?

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  5. Michaelberrydc says:

    I happened to read the blogs of November and all of them were so informative and helpful. It is great to see so many posts shared on different aspects of health making it a good collection. Would like to thank everyone who shared such interesting blogs. Health blogs always give a different approach to health problems and we find it amusing how we could not think of it from that angle. I like the perspectives and hence enjoy reading blogs.

  6. xzxczc

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