WEGO Health Heads to Health 2.0 in San Francisco

This weekend we’re heading west to attend the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. We’ll be dividing and conquering different events under the Health 2.0 umbrella and hope to see you there!


Body 2.0 – a Special Consumer Expo. This is a brand new addition to the Health 2.0 conference and really brings the healthcare community together with innovators and entrepreneurs in the tech and invention space. Attendees will be able to check out user-friendly technologies that are geared towards healthy living. There will also be  live music, yoga, local food, and top experts there. It’s basically the perfect event for anyone who is even remotely interested in healthy living and will be in San Francisco. You’ll get to hear from a host of speakers and – best of all – we will be there hosting a Health Activist panel! We’re delivering: The Body 2.0 Report Card. Where Health Activists will share the most body-changing innovations of the day. And you’ll get to connect with our CEO Jack Barrette (@healthyjack) and VP Susan Mees (@susanmees) who will be there live.


You can learn all about the Body 2.0 event here. And, if you sign up with us – you can attend FREE! Just head over to and sign up.


Everyone is invited and can attend with us! We hope to see you there.


Patients 2.0 – a  pre-conference event for Health 2.0 geared toward patients, themselves. Alongside the Society for Participatory Medicine and its acting President Sarah Krug (CEO/Executive Director of CANCER101) — we will help lead a panel of Health Activists on what we’re calling, “The Patient Shark Tank: If you build it, they will come?” It will be a live panel wherein entrepreneurs from Health 2.0 and Body 2.0 will present their innovations – then field questions from the panel of Health Activists and audience members. Then the panel will be scoring each innovation and selecting a winner. It’s going to be exciting! We’re thrilled to be able to bring the invaluable Health Activist perspective to the panel because, as you know, we think patients’ voices are revolutionizing healthcare and can do the same for emerging technology. We’re excited to have Kim Whittemore (@kimwhit) and Karen Vasquez (@turtlemighty) on the panel with us – so be sure to follow along with their tweets, too! A special thanks to Sarah Krug and S4PM for organizing the great event – I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re in the area – definitely try to attend this as well – it’s free to everyone.


So – if you’re in the San Fran region Sunday – we hope you’ll come meet up with us in-person and connect with other Health Activists and innovators. We’ll be live-tweeting the events and you can follow along with us @wegohealth and by using the hashtag #health2con.



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