Roundtable Podcast: Journey to Diagnosis

In the spirit of Invisible Illness Awareness, WEGO Health partnered with Christine Miserandino of But You Don’t Look Sick to host a series of Roundtables with Health Activists. In the first installment, Christine discusses “The Journey to Diagnosis” with leaders in the online health community: Amy Una Vita BellaRhiann of My Brain Lesion and MeAndrea of The Great Bowl Movement, and Michele of Your Life After Trauma.

The conversation ranges from why each leader got involved with online community, how to deal with mental illness, the struggles of being undiagnosed, what it means to be a “spoonie,” and tips for other patients who may be coming to terms with symptoms or new diagnosis.


This is our first attempt at publishing one of our Roundtables – as this is something we’ve wanted to do since our Health Activist Roundtable Program began.



Listen to part 1 (with an intro by our own Caitlin):

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Part 2:

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Thanks so much to Christine for hosting and thanks to our wonderful panelists: Amy, Rhiann, Andrea, and Michele for joining us.



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