Guest Post: Living Through Laughter

Today’s post is by Health Activist Chris Dean – who has shared a bit about inspiration despite chronic illness. Thanks for sharing with us, Chris! Be sure to follow Chris if you don’t yet on her blog Life Your Way and on her Facebook.


Living Through Laughter

by Chris Dean

Last November 4th, I sat down at my computer and began writing;

“I need humor. I need joy. I need hope. I need the complete freedom to laugh at the fact that I fell off the john…from an already seated position…and I wasn’t drinking! I needed to be able to poke fun at the fact that I look like a pinball going down the hallway… And I need to share the hope that even one other confused, at-times scared person might stumble across it and it does them some good, even if that good is only in the assurance they’re not alone.”


This became part of my very first blog entry. (Yes, it’s horribly written, but I’m blaming it on the brain fog!)


When I began typing, I had no idea that I would eventually take my reasons for starting a blog and turn them into a way to help others. In a million years, I never would have dreamed of ever calling myself anything other than a goofball, but especially not an activist!


I am a middle-aged class clown who writes humor with a little health mixed in. I poke fun at the world as I know it (which just happens to involve an autoimmune disease or two). I TRY to make people laugh both at me and with me out of a firm belief that a life without laughter is a life unlived and that everyone needs to remember to live their lives, even if they’re doing it from a couch or a bed.


The truth is there have been many days when I didn’t feel like writing, reaching out, or even laughing much. There have been days when I wondered if I was really making a difference or just taking up bandwidth. I’d sit down with my coffee and turn on the computer screen to stare blankly at the comments and messages that had been left while I slept. Without fail, I’d begin to smile and then either end-up in a fit of giggles or deep thought.


The people I began blogging as a way to reach out to, they are the amazing folks that keep me inspired! The very ones who claim I lift them up outta the dumps and remind them that life can still be fun and joy be found. These are the folks that keep me excited about what I do and keep my tank filled with purpose.


I’ve come to realize that it’s an amazing gift to be given, to offer these uncomfortable bits and pieces and a belief that we’re all in this together, mix in a desire to make a difference in even one life, and take away just as much as I put in.


That’s all the inspiration I need to sit down and begin recounting the wonders of brain fog and the time a receptionist at the Doc’s office asked me my name and all I could come up with was, “My husband calls me Honey.”


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