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Inspiration Idea: Start your Day with a #listof3

Today we wanted to share something  we’re doing over on our Facebook page each weekday this month: A List of 3. We were inspired by Lauren Hale, who hosted a chat with us last month on parenting and mental health. One of her tips for fellow parents is to start off each day by being grateful for the little things (or big things as the case may be) and just be mindful of that feeling of gratefulness. Being a leader on Twitter, Lauren used the medium to share her 3 by tweeting those items each morning with the hashtag #listof3.


Here’s what Lauren had to say about her idea:

Last summer, I started doing something on Twitter I’d recommended to new moms fighting battles with Postpartum Depression previously. No, I wasn’t struggling with PPD again (it’s been nearly six years since my last episode), but I was low as I struggled to make sense of the world in the vortex of divorce.

Every morning, among my first tweets, there would be one which read something like this:

“This morning, I’m grateful for: coffee, hiking, and good friends. For what are you grateful? #listof3″

It picked up steam and others in the #ppdchat community (a hashtag based community available 24/7 for support & information and a moderated chat every Monday at 1pm & 830pm ET) began to use the #listof3 tag as well. Then it spread. It’s not a huge community but on mornings when things aren’t going quite well or weeks when I’m in the dark, the #listof3 brightens my day. It also brightens my day to see others randomly using the hashtag in the morning even when I’m not.

There’s a #listof3 for the evenings too – I don’t do it as much – in the evening, list three things which made you laugh (a small smile counts if it’s really dark in your life).

The main goal of this exercise?

To re-purpose your day, point your mind on a positive path, and allow gratefulness to become an intrinsic part of your daily morning routine. As gratefulness entrenches itself in your life, it changes your outlook.


We completely agree. Isn’t this an awesome, simple idea? I’ve tried implementing it in small ways with a few folks from WEGO Health each day and now we’d like to share with you on Facebook. Feel free to share 3 things that you’re thankful for, excited about, or inspired by every day. If you’d like to tweet them – be sure to use Lauren’s hashtag #listof3.


Special thanks to Lauren for kicking this off. See her list of 3 Things here





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