Next #HAchat: Guest Host Lauren Hale on Parenting & Mental Health

Advocating for Another month is going strong and we have a really exciting chat planned for next Tuesday, August 14th at 3pm ET. Our chat will be hosted by Health Activist Lauren Hale and center around the topic of parenting and mental health.


Lauren is the founder of the #PPDchat – or PostPartum Depression Chat – and advocates for others, provides resources, raises awareness for Postpartum Mood Disorders, and shares her own story over on My Postpartum Voice. As she notes on her beautifully written About page, “My Postpartum Voice is full of various stories, resources, and insights for every struggling mother, for partners, family members, and even for professionals looking for a glimpse into the mind of a survivor.” To learn more about her I highly recommend reading her About Me page. Especially part about why she does what she does. It’s lovely.


Our chat will focus on the challenges of parenting with depression/mental illness – something that affects many people but isn’t discussed nearly enough.

We’ll discuss the following:

I. Parenting

– Mental health (dx before, post birth, after, etc – VERY brief) -children -24/7 care challenges


II. Self-care

-Breathe, Balance, Buoyancy

-Gratitude Journal


-Selfless, not selfish


III. Survival/Support



-Communal/ity (friends & community at large, including peers)


IV. Advocacy

-Self (medical/family)

-Peer Advocacy/sharing your story

-Destroying Stigma


It’s going to be an informative, important chat and we really hope you’ll join us!

In the meantime – be sure to follow Lauren on Twitter @unxpctdblessing.






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