This week's HAchat: Awareness Events

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To keep going with our July Health Activism IRL theme – let’s delve into the ever-important aspect of in-person awareness events. These are the walks, talks, fundraisers, and other gatherings that help rally together a team of people for the same cause. Have you attended an event for your health condition or focus? How did it go? If you could create a perfect awareness event – what would it consist of?


Join this week’s Health Activist Tweetchat to discuss:

– What defines an “awareness event?” What types of awareness events exist?

– Which events are the most successful and why? Which are the least successful?

– What should the goals of all awareness events be?

– What are the challenges of hosting/attending awareness events? How can one overcome such challenges?

– How can we help awareness events become more creative and influential as Health Activists?

– What can online community bring to awareness events? (And vice versa)?


It’s going to be an interesting discussion! Whether you’ve started your own event, participated in someone else’s, given donations, or simply heard about other events – there is a lot of ground to cover. In true health leader fashion we’ll be looking critically at what it means to raise awareness and why in-person events are important – if they are. Wear your analytical hat and bring your knowledge of what other health communities (or even non-health-related non-profits, orgs, charities, and more) are doing to get their name out there and their cause supported.


Join us Tuesday, July 10th, at 3pm EDT. We’ll be tweeting using the #HAchat and you can join us here:



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